Content on this website was developed as part of a PhD thesis by Dr Karyn Carson under the supervision of Professor Gail Gillon and Dr Therese Boustead at the College of Education, University of Canterbury.



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Welcome to the New Zealand Phonological Awareness Database.  Children’s awareness of the sounds in words (i.e., phonological awareness) is an important prerequisite for supporting children in learning to read.  Children who have strong phonological awareness knowledge are likely to become stronger readers, whereas children who struggle with phonological awareness are more likely to experience challenges in acquiring strong reading skills.

The tests on this website are designed to help teachers screen and monitor the phonological awareness development of children in their classroom, from school-entry to the end of the first year at school.  The tests are presented in a game-like format, are web-based, and include computerised scoring.

The tests are freely available to school teachers from Monday 11th March 2013.  You will need a login and password to access the tests which is obtainable by emailing:


The tests available on this site formulated part of a PhD research project completed in 2012 and are in the original research format.  Adaptations to these tests may be conducted in the future.  Please reference as: Carson, K., Gillon, G., & Boustead, T. (2013).  Computer-based phonological awareness screening and monitoring assessment [Online resource]..